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Are Driving Shoes a Good Idea?

Find out if they’re worth adding to your wardrobe

Unless you are extremely fashion-forward or meticulous about how you look each time you leave the house, you probably don’t give a ton of thought to your footwear. Although we may have shoes we save for special occasions, most of us probably rely on just a pair or two and don’t think twice about slipping them on.

But, there are some circumstances in which paying attention to what you have on your feet is important, and may even be life-saving. Your feet, and the shoes on them, play a vital role when you drive, which is why they can’t be taken for granted.

What type of shoes should you wear – or not wear – when driving?

There are two things to consider when figuring out which shoes are best for driving. The first is fit. No matter what you do, your shoes should fit well and be comfortable, and this is especially true when you’re behind the wheel. Tight or ill-fitting shoes could hamper your ability to press down on the pedals when you need to react quickly.

You must also think about the shoe’s style, specifically the sole and heel. Soles shouldn’t be more than 10 mm thick, as this can prevent you from properly feeling the pedals and knowing how much pressure you need to apply. And to get the best pedal control, your heel should rest on the floor. This means no high heels or platform wedges. Flip-flops are another bad idea because they are generally very thin and can easily come off.

But what about driving shoes?

Driving shoes may seem like something your grandfather wore, but they are still around and can be beneficial. Their biggest advantage is that their sole is designed to have a good grip, so you won’t have to worry about your foot slipping off the pedals. Moccasins are often thought of as good driving shoes because they are comfortable and have a thin sole. In addition, because they can be put on and taken off easily, you can leave them in your car.

The verdict

While you don’t have to use specific shoes just for driving, you do need to be aware of how your footwear has an impact on your safety. If your shoes are comfortable and don’t impede on your ability to operate the pedals, you should be fine.

But, even if your most sensible shoes are causing you discomfort, it’s probably time to see a podiatrist. To learn about custom orthotics and other treatments, contact the office of Dr. Nina Colletta. We will figure out what’s ailing you and the best way to make you feel better. Call us at 954-452-4590 or just send an email to

Nina L. Coletta, DPM, PA

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