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A Question of Balance: Do Your Shoe Heels Wear Out Unevenly?

Find out what this means and what you can do about it

See if this sounds familiar: You recently found an amazing pair of shoes that you definitely shouldn’t have bought because of the almost silly price tag, but you just had to have them. Then, after only a few months, you notice that the heels are worn down, but mostly on one side.

Because of what you spent on the shoes, you feel as though you can’t stop wearing them, which leads to more uneven wear, and most likely some foot or leg pain. So, what are you to do?

The first action you need to take is putting the shoes away. They may turn heads or create jealous glares, but none of that will be worth it if you’re hobbling around. The second step is to figure out what is going on with your feet.

Your body’s way of telling you something’s not right

When the body is right it will be perfectly aligned and your weight will be distributed evenly across your feet. When your shoe heels wear out unevenly, this is a sign of a problem. It could be related to a number of different things, including flattened or high arches, lack of muscle strength, or an issue with posture or joint mobility.

Abnormal foot structures, such as clubfoot, may also be to blame. Depending on the severity of the clubfoot, your heel is forced to hit the ground on either the inside or outside part of your foot.

What will result from this imbalance?

In addition to the pain you may already be experiencing, it’s possible that over time other ailments will arise, including plantar fasciitis and the weakening of your joints. You may also start to feel pain in your hips, back, and neck.

What can be done?

You may be tempted to try to correct things on your own, but by overcompensating in some areas, you might end up doing more harm than good. This is why you should make an appointment to see a podiatrist. Until you know exactly what is wrong with your feet, you won’t be able to fix any issues. Once your feet get looked at by a professional, the root of the problem can be determined, as well as a solution. This could involve exercises to improve your balance and posture or the use of custom orthotics.

Before you buy your next pair of shoes, get in touch with the office of Dr. Nina Coletta. We will give you a complete examination to figure out what’s out of balance and the steps needed to make everything right. Give us a call at 954-452-4590.

Nina L. Coletta, DPM, PA

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